Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nuts John Saller fraudulent posts bulls balls truck nuts

Price fixing bulls balls, truck nuts?

April 28, 2009


What would you say if you came across a company that publishes on their website that if you sell their truck nuts for less that the prices they sell for they will “not ship any future orders”? That was posted on their site for almost two years until they were called on it. Then they changed it to “you can set your price as in the past”? But in the past, they fixed the price. Then they deny that dealers of theirs conspire with them to fix prices? I have a copy of a letter sent to TRAILERTOYS, one of their dealers, that states they can NOT discount the price because of the agreement with the manufacturer. That was Jan 09.

Then the owner of the company, John D Saller, “created” several identities (donwilsonflorida, bigrigtex, harry333, and posted lies regarding one of his compettitors. He accused them of identity theft and bait and switch. We have documented IP adresses proving that it came from the owner of Bulls balls. Received: from BBBHCOFFICE (unknown [])
(Authenticated sender:
The above IP address has been used to post under the created names by John D Saller of BullsBalls and Jaydee sales llc in
AZ. Additionally, by masquerading as anonymous third party
“consumers” on various third party boards, John D Saller is violating the terms of use under which he is permitted to post to those third party boards. John D Saller at and Jaydee sales llc.’s
behavior may subject them to liability to these third parties, and may
constitute a civil and criminal violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 18 U.S.C. 1030 et seq.

What would you do? Well for one I would stay away from that site. The owner has breached his contract of privacy, and the web master John R Beaman of the wwwebfactory stated he had no privacy on his site that runs the checkout for sales. HMMM, Beaman gets all the personal and credit info and provides ZERO privacy.

Well, since Saller has committed felonies in my opinion, so a criminal complaint has been filed. States attorney generals have been notified and the investigation is underway.

As you can see and intuitively feel, impersonating someone to post lies about a business is criminal, in AZ it is a felony.

Post your thoughts.

Truck Nuts Inventor discovered !!1

The First Truck Balls Website on the Internet!™ YOURNUTZ.COM

May 9, 2009


Well its official, David Ham at YOURNUTZ.COM is the FIRST seller of truck nuts on the internet. Although John Saller at claims to be the first. Sallers federal registration shows first use in 2000. SOOO Mr David Ham is proved the first with his sales starting in 1998. It is apparent to this reporter that Saller has coppied in every way, starting with the idea of truck nuts.

Plus, this reporter has evidence of John Sallers continued criminal impersonation. I guess bulls balls is in the toilet and trying to slam his #1 competitor and the Number one seller on the Net comments?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CORVETTE truck BALLS.. wow owow..

WOW my bulls corvette balls look great

Posted by reporter666 on April 1, 2009

#1 in America’s Heart!”I Got a new set of bulls balls at what a great site and seller. I got rid of a jeep and truck to get my NEW RIDE. CORVETTE BALLS WOW OWOW. I went to see DAVE over Christmas and got these BLACK BULLS CORVETTE BALLS. Now everyone in the CORVETTE CLUB call me the nutmeister.

This baby is haulin balls!!

This baby is haulin balls!!